“I have always been treated with courtesy and respect when being seen at Austin Vet Care Central Park. They accommodated my need to bring my dog guide in early because I don’t drive and depend upon alternate transportation.”
-Glenda Born, 04/15/2016

“Doctor and assistants were very caring.”
-Valerie, 05/01/2016

“Everyone was very courteous and listen to my concerns and worked very hard to help insure that my dog received amazing care that I could afford to pay for. Thank you so much for all your care and understanding.”
-Ginger Miller, 11/14/2015

“I like that Austin Vet Care gives me the option for more advanced routine care for my dog, but does not pressure me into things that I might not be able to afford.”
-Christina Wilfling, 12/07/2015

“The feedback was of good quality & the price was reasonable for my visit/pet medication. I also valued the options that were presented to me.”
-Alyssa, 01/27/2016

Veterinarian In Austin 1

“We took our fur child here after getting an infection from his cryptorchid surgery. We went in waited until one of the nurses came to see everything, then the doctor. They were very professional and compassionate. The wait for his care was long, he stayed over night, but that was comprehensible since there was other patients ahead. We were able to see him during the night to take him out and be there for him, they were really sweet about it. Once they called us, he was ready to go, they even recommended a longer cone so this won’t happen again. They did a great job on the re-closing the incision and added more stitches (we did not get him neutered here, thus bringing us to this vet) Over all, my boy healed very quickly and without their help and tips I don’t know how long we would of waited (Banfield wasn’t that great) They did such a wonderful job on contacting us as well after his surgery was done and when to pick him up. Thank you all for your hard work.”
-Barbara Pereira, August 2016

“The veterinarians and staff at AVC are knowledgeable, compassionate, resourceful and tenacious in their care of our cats, and always make us feel as if our needs are important and high priority. They have helped us through several difficult and stressful times, such as when my sweet old cat was attacked by a dog. They made sure he was as comfortable as possible during his ordeal and offered us many options for his treatment. They are consistently humane and empathetic, never pressuring us to choose the most expensive options. The choices are clearly laid out and our wishes are fully respected. When it was time to euthanize our cat, the staff and doctors were so gentle and sympathetic. They showed us to a small, cozy room and let us spend extra time with him to say our painful goodbyes. They made us a little pawprint keepsake without us asking. I am just super grateful for the high quality, above and beyond service and skill at this clinic. They make themselves so accessible. Their services may be slightly more expensive than you’d find elsewhere, but we believe the price is fair and justifiable for the undeniable quality of care they provide to your beloved pet.”
-Chantal McCabe, April 2016

“Super, super nice people who love animals. They understand the concerns of the “friend” owner. Professional, yet caring.Very reasonable price. A big bang for the buck, and the buck, again was more than reasonable. Highly recommended.”
-Brian Pinette, September 2015

“Thanks for saving our baby, Tika, after her snake bite. It’s crazy to think that we got so close to not having her with us. We can’t thank you enough. The doctors, technicians, and staff were all so wonderful. Thanks for being receptive to all my phone calls and keeping us well informed of the situation as it developed. Every person we encountered at the clinic was very sensitive to our situation and I greatly appreciated the compassion I felt for us as owners and Tika as a patient. Your excellent customer service was VERY comforting in the midst of a scary situation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”
-Luke West, May 2014

“The most considerate, loving group of people I’ve come across to care for my old man, Gris. Although my circumstance did not allow full care for my furry old man they were gladly to inform me of home remedies to help our process to recovery. With your warm hearts I now consider all of AVC as part of my family. AVC was my first and will be the only stop for anything I need. Thanks a million!
Laura, Victoria and Gris <- furry old man”
-Laura Ines, May 2015

“You were there when we needed you. Rascal was an at-risk patient and you advised me of the risks involved with his emergency treatment. He came through with flying colors and is just fine now.”
-Jane Fish, 05/26/2015

“You were there when we needed you. Rascal was an at-risk patient and you advised me of the risks involved with his emergency treatment. He came through with flying colors and is just fine now.”
-Anonymous, 06/03/2015

“My 90lb lab sailed his dog body through our sliding glass door, splitting his head and back widea open. I called from the parking lot and stated it was an emergency, moments later a tech was outside to help me get him inside.”
-Kim Brown, 06/05/2015

“Courteous and helpful, seen quickly, very respectful vet and staff.”
-Anonymous, 04/11/2016


“Annie is my eight year old dachshund. They saved her life. While they were doing that, they treated me with extraordinary kindness. I am so very grateful for all of the staff here!”
-Terry Pierce, 08/29/2016

“Phenomenal. We had an emergency with our dog Saturday evening. They bowled us over. Fantastic fantastic staff – so switched on, real smart, acted fast and so professionally. Wow amazing amazing people.”
-Pia Lofdahl, 08/13/2016

“We changed to Austin Vet Care about 2 years ago and have not once been disappointed. They have the most amazing staff, always helpful, and over the top nice. The doctors deserve 10+ as they have been a constant help with our two Havanese. Regular check ups, and even more urgent issues. I would hope others would give them a try!!!!”
-Judy Hogan, 11/28/2015

“My cat came in from having a surgery done and had to be monitored 24/7. The staff was super friendly, upfront about costs, and helped me out immensely to work on the best solution within my budget for my cats care. These guys and gals are fantastic and I would gladly let them treat my pet again. They care about your pets well-being, you can feel it when you talk to them”
-Brinna Benjamin, 07/02/2015

“Every time I’ve been here, the staff has been incredible. I’m so thankful for an emergency vet that feels like a true family practice.”
-Kathy Blankenship, 09/13/2014

“As a new pet owner, I was incredibly anxious about my sick puppy considering I had previously lost a puppy to parvo. In tears I went in to Austin Vet Care, and the staff put all my worries at ease and taught me the best way to care for my baby!”
-Beth Redix, 06/06/2015

“From the very first time we came to you with an emergency with Roxy you made us feel at ease and we trusted you with our baby. So when Shannon was at deaths door we trusted no one but you to help her and we live at least 45 miles away. Thank you!!”
-Rick Appleton, 06/07/2015

“Everyone was kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. I appreciated the frequent updates and honest discussion of treatment options. The walk in hours are wonderful. Drs Adelle and Hartman were especially helpful.”
-Terry L Jones, 06/07/2015

“We love visiting as everyone is courteous and knowledgeable….. Best place in Austin!”
-Anonymous, 04/08/2016

canstockphoto4593312 S

“We brought our very sick kitty into Austin Vet Care at Central Park.  He was treated swiftly and they saved his life.  We had expert care from the front staff, Technicians, and Doctors.  He had to stay 5 days, and they allowed us to come visit anytime we wished.  They also gave us great instructions about home care, taught us how to give insulin shots and test his blood sugar.  He is now very healthy, and doesn’t have to get shots anymore due to their recommendations on food and care.  They are top notch!!!”
-Sara T., 08/26/2016

“My husband and I had a traumatic first experience with Austin Vet Care; we found a kitten stuck in the engine of his 4Runner late one evening and quickly decided to bring him to the Lamar location, knowing nothing more than they handled emergencies and were open 24 hours. He’d been stuck several days (this was over Memorial Day 2014 when Austin had all of that flooding and we were out of town) so was severely dehydrated, hungry and had a crushed front right paw. They gave him medicine for all of his various needs and bandaged up his paw. Before doing anything, though, the staff was incredibly conscious of consulting us; his entire front paw and half his tail needed to be removed, which was also very thoroughly explained, and they presented us with a detailed cost breakdown. We still had not decided we would be keeping the kitten and really did not have the money to pay for the $5k+ surgery right then. We explained this and they completely understood and gave us a list of facilities that would be able to perform the surgery cheaper; we ended up keeping the kitten, Luck, and had the surgery performed at Austin Animal Trustees, now Emancipet, (which I also very highly recommend.) Everyone at AVC was so kind and courteous and really helped turn a pretty awful situation into a tale with a happy ending. I was incredibly impressed by their recommendations for cheaper options elsewhere; I’ve never experienced this and greatly appreciated the candor. We’ve since had two additional experiences with Austin Vet Care, both occurring at the Lamar location, and have nothing but great feedback from them, as well. They are not our primary veterinarians but we always take our pets here for emergency and after hour situations.”
-Kate H., 08/26/2016

“I’ve been going here for a few years. I have a somewhat aged rescue pup that has had quite a few complications. One of the most serious being a leptospirosis diagnosis. She had to be on fluids and stay a few nights to fight off some pretty serious kidney issues as a result. I was extremely worried but doctors from every shift regularly called to give me updates and were so kind and eased my worries. Interactions with all the staff have almost always been a pleasure. I’m always a bit of a skeptic when I go to any doctor, dentist, or vet office and have my guard up when I feel like I’m being baited into spending more money than I need to. They’ve made me feel like they truly care about the well-being of my Precious baby, and I’m so glad they’ve been able to help keep her healthy and happy.”
-Kara B., 08/26/2016

“Need more than five stars. We came in an emergency with our dog. The staff is unbelievably professional, smart, hard working and acted fast. And they kept us informed and updated throughout. Absolutely fantastic. So impressive.”
-Annonymous, 08/26/2016

“Austin Vet Care has done a great job taking care of our Husky (Nanuk) and we just took our new Tamaskan (Takoda) puppy in for his first visit. They did a great job helping him get over the stress of a new home/vet and making sure he got the best care. We have never used their ’emergency’ hours, so I cannot speak to the price of those services, however the price for Takoda’s first visit and a subsequent visit was not horrible given the location of the office. We will likely continue to use Austin Vet Care as our go-to vet’s office.”
-Jamie K., 01/12/2016

“I have been taking my lab, Cosmo here since he was a wee pup and I couldn’t ask for a nicer, more caring group to care for my boy. I love that they are available 24/7 and accept walk-ins. I noticed that Cosmo had an ear infection and I was leaving out of town. This is not something that could wait until I got back to town. 10 AM I walked in with no appointment. I checked him in, was seated in a room and checked out by 11:45. I’d say that turn around time was great! The vet and assistants were so sweet and very understanding of my overly hyper pup. They accepted my walk in with open arms and made us feel comfortable and welcome. I will say that this practice is more expensive than most, but I also can’t really put a price on keeping my dog healthy and happy. It sucks to dip into savings, but I love Cosmo more than I love money. I will say though, that charging an extra 23 dollars for a walk in appointment before 6:30 PM is a little silly. I understand you have appointments and they are priority, but it already costs so much to go to the vet!! Overall, I will not take Cosmo anywhere else. They have done so much for my boy and we thank you!”
-Lauren V., 04/03/2015

I just took my fur baby there last night and I cannot say enough good things about this place. My chihuahua weighs about 7 pounds and ate a massive amount of chocolate. We had originally taken her to AMPM Animal Hospital, in which we were told the wait there was about an hour and a half and that my dog could not wait that long to be seen. So AMPM Animal Hospital kindly gave us numbers to other pet emergency rooms in the area and we came across this wonderful place. When we originally called AVC, and asked how long the wait was to be seen, they immediately asked what was going and I explained my situation. They told me that my situation was considered an emergency and that my dog would be seen right away. Sure enough, we arrived and the vet tech, Michelle, came out to get my baby and I stayed in the front filling out paper work. Not long after, Dr. Hartmann came in to explain what was going on. She immediately told us that no on was there to judge anyone, and that AVC understood that sometimes people could not afford the ideal option, so AVC would work with us to provide other options that would fit our budget. Dr. Hartmann urged that whatever was to happen, that my fur baby, would be taken care of in the best way, and that was AVC’s main priority. We originally thought we would leave there with a bill as high as $2000, but like I said, AVC worked with us and we left with a $300 bill. Sure enough, they were able to give us an affordable option. And my fur baby was taken great care of. Our vet tech, Michelle, was awesome! Very knowledgable and caring. Michelle also answered all of our questions (and we had a lot of questions!) and was very kind. I wish I would’ve gotten the two wonderful ladies’ names behind the front desk, because they were so kind as well. But like I said, this place is awesome! I would recommend AVC to all pet owners. We will definitely be using them in the future!
-Kayla A., 12/14/2016

“The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They did their best to work with me on finances as well.”
-Catherine Straub, 02/01/2016

“This was my 1st visit ever to a vet my baby(Chihuahua) was hit by a car they took her straight back to be looked at and everyone was polite and helpful I will always use them for my baby thank u from the bottom of my heart all staff.”
-Lynell Body, 02/05/2016

“Extremely satisfied with care overall!”
-Anonymous, 03/23/2016

“I like the technician and the vet. Everything was clear.”
-Adrienne Lallo, 03/23/2016