At Austin Vet Care, we offer veterinary surgical services for your pet. Our experienced veterinary team has the skill and experience to provide the latest techniques in veterinary surgery. Our veterinary team takes every precaution to keep your pet safe and comfortable during their surgery. Some of our surgical protocol includes:

Abdominal & Soft-Tissue Surgery
Post-Surgical Care

Abdominal & Soft Tissue Surgery

Our staff’s knowledge and experience allow us to offer advanced exploratory surgeries. Some of our soft tissue surgeries includes:

Spay & Neuter Surgery
Liver Lobectomy
Gallbladder repair
Urethrostomy – to help resolve obstructed cats and dogs
 Cystotomy – to remove bladder stones
 Anal Gland Removal
 Intestinal Anastomosis
 Gastropexy – to prevent gastric dilation – volvulus

Pet Surgery in Austin TX


Nearly all pet owners worry about anesthesia in their pets. Although anesthesia can never be risk-free, most animals from a very young to senior pets can be anesthetized safely. And often, not performing a necessary anesthetic procedure can be more detrimental to your pet’s health than undergoing surgery. Modern ECG, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure equipment allow us to monitor your pet’s vital functions during surgery, which means the most accurate and safest possible administration of anesthesia for your pet.

Post-Surgical Care

After surgery, patients awaken in a state-of-the-art heated recovery area to keep them warm and comfortable. A technician is present during the entire recovery process to ensure the safety of your pet. We’ll discuss your pet’s condition and needs with you throughout the process as your concerns are a considerable portion of selecting the proper treatment option for your pet.


Hospitalization services involve admitting your pet to the hospital for monitoring or necessary medical care. Your pet will have their own cage or kennel and be monitored closely by technicians and veterinarians throughout their stay.

Pain Management

We utilize post-surgical pain management to ensure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed as they begin the healing process. Keeping your pet pain-free is crucial in maintaining his or her quality of life.
Our veterinarians have taken a forward approach in applying multi-nodal principles to sound pain management for all patients regardless of size, age, and species. Having a licensed pharmacist on staff allows for a greater understanding of the newest medication available to alleviate and prevent pain.

Isolation Ward

Our isolation ward not only protects our patients while they are healing, but also helps protect our staff and other owners from contracting possible zoonotic diseases.