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Lost & Found Pets

Tips to help when you’ve lost a pet:

  • Begin searching the general vicinity where you last saw your pet immediately. The first few days are crucial and are your best opportunity to recover your pet.
  • Notify all animal shelters within the immediate and surrounding areas. Give them detailed information such as breed, sex, size, collar color, tag information/number and any distinctive characteristics.
  • Call your pets’ veterinarian and surrounding veterinarians and report a lost/found pet. Notify all emergency animal hospitals and ask to post a flyer in their lobby area or website.
  • Post flyers within a mile radius of where the pet was lost/found. Have friends and family help pass out flyers door to door or neighborhood message boards.
  • Place newspaper ads or create a post on local pet forums.
  • If your pet is micro-chipped, notify the microchip pet registry.