Our veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat disorders affecting the gastrointestinal, urinary, hematologic (spleen, blood), liver, and endocrine and respiratory systems. Sometimes, symptoms may be indicative of several illnesses. Fortunately, our veterinarians have a variety of advanced technology available to help evaluate and diagnose the source of your pet’s discomfort. Take a look below at some of our diagnostic technology used to diagnose your pet and develop an effective treatment plan.

Diagnostic Imaging

Your dog or cat may need diagnostic care as part of their treatment. At Austin Vet Care, we use advanced computerized radiology. Radiographs are also known as x-rays, and they are useful in diagnosing many conditions. X-rays help us to view many areas of your pet’s body, including their heart, lungs, and abdomen. They can help detect tumors, bone fractures, and stomach obstructions, to name a few problems.

We also offer digital radiography services. This type of radiography is similar to x-ray technology, but it’s a much faster and more efficient process. It also reduces the amount of time and stress on your pet during imaging!

Ultrasound Services

Ultrasound is a diagnostic technique that is used to see internal images of your pet’s body. It is non-invasive and pain-free, and it allows veterinary professionals to see your pet’s internal organs. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound instead of radiation to see inside your pet’s body. It is useful in detecting and diagnosing common diseases and conditions, as well as evaluating your pet’s heart function.

Veterinary Internal Medicine and Diagnostics in Austin TX


An electrocardiogram (ECG), records the beating of the heart through electrical impulses. This test can detect many types of heart disease. It is non-invasive and pain-free. ECG is a simple test that can help your vet determine your pet’s health.

In-House Laboratory Services

Blood tests and emergency diagnostic tests can detect certain conditions, and sometimes fast treatment is needed for your pet. Our in-house laboratory services enable us to analyze blood tests and perform other emergency diagnostic tests on-site. This is incredibly helpful when time matters. We can have blood work done in 15 minutes! Fast lab services help to ensure prompt diagnosis and a customized treatment plan for your dog or cat.

Austin Vet Care is a practice whose staff members are client-centered, patient advocates. We deliver health care in a team-based system to ensure optimal health for all our patients. We’re open 24/7/365, and a veterinarian dedicated to emergencies is in our hospital at all times, every day. The fastest way to reach us is by calling, especially during nights, weekends, and holidays.