This service is dedicated to maintaining the oral health of your dog or cat. Our veterinarians diagnose and provide treatment for diseases of the dentition, oral cavity, and maxillofacial region.


Routine dental cleaning
Extractions of supernumerary or diseased teeth
Removal and biopsy of tumors of the mouth and facial area
Extraction of impacted teeth and diseased molar teeth
 Biopsy of abnormal tissue in the mouth (oral masses and gingival masses)

Diagnostic tests include digital dental radiographs to evaluate diseases of the dentition. Dental radiographs are invaluable in evaluating the 70 % of the tooth that cannot be seen. Lesions that may be seen using radiographs include root abscess, root fracture, root and crown resorption, dental anomalies, bone lysis associated with oral tumors, and jaw fractures.