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Preventative Care for Pets: Help Them Feel Their Best

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By: Mark Cotnam, DVM Benjamin Franklin, in his POOR RICHARD’S ALMANAC, once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The practice of preventative veterinary medicine has its basis in this concept. It is always better to prevent disease, or at least detect it earlier, than it is to treat a sick pet. Unfortunately, our pets and patients cannot tell us when they are ill or in pain. Instinctively our pets will do their best to hide when they don’t feel well. This comes in to play when an owner brings their pet into the office and…

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Healthy Weight Management and Nutrition – How to help your pet look and feel his best!!

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Adrienne Gwin, DVM As we reach the middle of the year months after New Year’s resolutions have come and gone and as the reality of summer has set in, now is a key time not to forget about healthy weight management and nutrition. Bathing suit season helps people stay focused but our fur-covered family members don’t have the same motivating factors. Based on recent studies, nearly 60% of dogs and cats are overweight. Did you know that pets that maintained an ideal body weight have statistically longer lives and less osteoarthritis pain than obese pets? On the other end of…

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A small white and black dog sitting in the grass and scratching his face with his back leg

Allergies in Dogs and Cats

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Does your pet scratch or chew at his paws during one particular time of the year? Is hair missing from scratching? Has she been diagnosed with “hot spots” or recurrent ear infections in the past? If so, there is a good possibility there is an underlying problem: allergies, also known as atopy. Symptoms Most dogs will lick and chew their paws, develop areas of redness on the skin, and scratch with seasonal allergies. Cats will scratch and cause areas of missing hair from over-grooming. As time passes and the allergies go untreated, pets often develop ear infections and bacterial skin…

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Emergency Update

On 1/ 11/2021 Our emergency department will be moving to the following location for continued 24/7/365 emergency care! Continue to check for important information:

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